About Us

Hello and welcome!  Butter Bella is a small, family-run bakery located in Chicago, Illinois.  We began baking our cookies for customers in 2006, and worked diligently over the years to perfect and create recipes resulting in good tasting, handmade cookies.  We prepare our cookies in small batches and carefully oversee each batch.  Our ingredients are top grade and natural; we never use preservatives.  Every cookie is baked to order which means that the cookies you order are baked just for you and arrive as fresh as can be.

We are proud of our Chicago roots and diverse food traditions.  We're especially proud of our bakers whose dedication, craftsmanship, and tireless perfection, allows us to present a cookie that's at once unique and familiar.  Have a taste.  You may believe, like we do, that our cookies are a hug and a smile that brings you back to hearth and home. 


All of Us at Butter Bella :)


Please visit the following links for the books pictured on our site & Twitter by the following authors:
Midwest Sweet Baking History, Jenny Lewis
Prairie Home Breads, Judith Pertig